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Bulgarian Folklore Dances Conquer the world on 24th of May

RICHMART VINTAGE KEEPS MOVING FORWARD! Many Bulgarians and foreigners supported the project. THANK YOU ALL !!! “THE MAGIC OF THE BULGARIAN FOLK DANCE CONQUERS THE WHOLE WORLD!”- Campaign worth 100 million euro, attempting to establish the brand “MADE IN BULGARIA” in the world’s market!

  1. May 24 – Bulgarian folklore dances on seven continents – “HOLD ON EARTH, BULGARIANS ARE DANCING!”
  2. Lets prepare the world for the 24th of May with video clips –

I LIKE BULGARIAN FOLKLORE DANCES – let the whole world look forward to May 24!

Make your videos of you and your friends dancing Bulgarian folklore dance /lenght: 3 min/ - wherever you want, whenever you want, regardless your skill

PR and advertising campaign exceeding the equivalent of 100 million euros to promote the brand “MADE IN BULGARIA”?

Let us all Bulgarians around the world to make videos of ourselves dancing Bulgarian folklore dances from the city we live in, work, study or visit on a business trip!

An Advertising agency would certainly demand at least 100 million for such worldwide campaign

1* Ideas for scenario

-Authentic folk dance /horo/, which is played in a circle counterclockwise

-Dancing on Bulgarian folk dance/ dancers to show the best of themselves in a dance they feel confident with/

-Dancing – Bulgarian folk dance against other dance styles /breakdance, hip-hop, Latin-American dance, etc./

-Flashmob /a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, before quickly dispersing/

-Mini performance /up to 3 minutes/

-Dance on scene /participation from ensembles/

2*Dance, music, apparel

-videos with folklore dances – folk dance, music and suit

-videos with folklore dance scene – folk dance, music and suit /videos of performances from dance ensembles or dance groups/

-videos with folklore dance of holidays/weddings, proms, parties, business gatherings etc./

-folklore music and dance in modern clothes

-videos in style “vintage”

*dance, which used elements of Bulgarian folk dance

*music of choice – Bulgarian folk music and modern music;

*clothing of the dancers –modern clothes/for men it is necessary to wear jacket or suit – the clothing of the modern businessman/

3*ideas where to made your videos

*every place is suitable for capturing your video!

-your workplace

-club, disco, restaurant, parties

-railway station, bus station, airport

-famous places in Bulgaria and abroad /historical monuments and attractions/

-stadiums and grandstands

-Bulgarian station in Antarctica is also a good place;

4*Who can take part in the campaign?

We invite all Bulgarians and all friends of Bulgaria to support us!

-Make video up to 3 minutes with Bulgarian folklore dance and upload it on the Internet with the title: I LIKE BULGARIAN FOLKLORE DANCE /similar to the “Ice Bucket Challenge”/

-We invite all the Bulgarian athletes to celebrate their accomplishments /goals in football, etc/ by dancing a classic element of Bulgarian folklore dance!

-We invite the famous people – lead the horo! /politicians, mayors, athletes, actors, musicians, singers, managers of companies, directors of schools and universities and others/

-We invite all foreigners, friends and partners of Bulgaria – please support the Bulgarian folklore dance

5*Reasons to support

RICHMART VINTAGE project in support of Bulgarian folk dances and establishing the brand “MADE IN BULGARIA!”


-Support of our national identity.  Bulgaria is the undisputed world leader in one thing – the Bulgarian folklore is the richest in rhythmic terms folklore in the wolrd!

-Bulgarian folklore dance is something that can unite all the Bulgarians worldwide.

-The economic benefits of the project – using the videos of Bulgarian folklore dances, we will achieve global PR and advertise the Bulgarian tourism, Bulgarian industry and promote the brand “MADE IN BULGARIA!”


Given a scientific explanation – this news would cause global interest in Bulgarian folklore dances.

-Opening many clubs for Bulgarian folklore dances in the world – a new fashion in the physical activity of people, that can prevent cancer and spinal deformations;

Clubs will also become a PR and an advertising tool for Bulgaria



Bulgaria, Ruse, 10 Potsdam str.

Project Manager – Martini Martini

15 years old, born in Ruse, Bulgaria

2013/14 graduated 8 grade with honors in Canterbury, England.

Works with RICHMART since January.

While working, she studies remotely:

-Secondary education in Florida, US

-Varna Free University – marketing and management of small and medium business;

-Online Business training Diteramb Consulting etc;

-The Project on which Martina is developing are supported by mentors;


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